Smash them into a thousand tiny bits…

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and scatter them away into the wind, to paraphrase JFK.

Looks like you guys are gonna get busted!


"Gold or fascism? It’s decision time!"

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Excellent article by the AngloAustria blog.

Karl Marx was a spectacularly successful plagiarist, whose ideas have been responsible for the deaths of millions, but one thing he plagiarised well, stealing it from earlier French classical liberals, such as Adolphe Blanqui and Jean-Baptiste Say, was the class system.

Ironically, Marx was destitute for much of his life yet chased a life of affluence and status.

Cryptogon says it succinctly re: the Mumbai attacks

Leave a comment’s laconic wit strikes again:

“See, this is why the U.S. needs to attack Pakistan… *wink* *wink* Get it?
Of course, it’s possible that this is some sort of organic insurgency. (Anything is possible, right?) I doubt it, though, because no critical economic infrastructure was hit. When the attackers start popping Internet and electrical infrastructure, shutting down the operations of transnational corporations, then the CIA and its clients might not be behind it.
I’ve read several accounts of what happened, and it’s just absurd, from a military perspective. If the coordinators of this outrage are not false flag CIA/ISI shills, they’re complete idiots.
As usual, ask yourself, who benefits from this?”

Update: Alex Jones has a mind-blowing interview today (09Dec2008) with former Pakistani ISI head Hamid Gul. Gul spills practically all the beans on CIA involvement in 9/11, Mumbai and other false-flag jobs.

2D:4D – fingers and aggro, revisited

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I’m fascinated by these kinds of things. Basically, the ratio of the lengths of your index and ring finger correlate with more/less testosterone/estrogen and corresponding traits such as more/less aggression, mathematical and spatial versus verbal ability, brain-hemispheric dominance and so on.

I can’t get a consistent measurement, though. It’s clear that my 4D is longer than my 2D, the question is by how much. After 3 measurements, 1 in inches and 2 in centimeters, I’ve gotten a ratio from 0.93 (about what I had the last time I did this a couple years ago) to 0.96.

Measure from the bottom-most crease on each finger to the end of the meaty part. Don’t include your fingernail. Divide the index finger measurement by the ring finger one. Guys should get a number less than 1, and gals should get a number much closer to or equal to 1. Post your results if you don’t mind, since I’m too lazy to go find any yet I’m still curious to see what others on the internettes get. I guess mine is about normal for a guy?

If you don’t have a ruler handy, you can print one out from here

Take multiple measurements, preferably with someone else’s help.

Thanks… for all the wiretapping, spying, illegal wars

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No Thanksgiving is complete without a recitation of one of William S. Burroughs’ finest:

I might as well cough out my own updated take on this:

Thanks to the Maryland State Police for spying on antiwar activists as if they were terrorists, even after you determined they were harmless

Thanks to the DC Gang for leeching off the prosperity of the nation, for bankrupting our country and covering it up, and for listening to your corporate masters on Wall Street instead of the people who elected you

Thanks to the globalist bankers at the Federal Reserve who have illegally and unconstitutionally manipulated our once great country’s economy to their benefit and to the detriment of hard-working Americans

Thanks to Al-CIAda for assassinating one of the greatest leaders this country has ever known and for perpetuating the most heinous evils in the name of our country, such as drug distribution to our own people to finance your nefarious black operations and pitting Iran and Iraq against each other in collusion with non-American citizens

Thanks to Blackwater and Helliburton for circumventing our Constitution and creating enemies of the USA faster than we can kill them

Thanks to the Mossad for killing loyal Navy sailors on the USS Liberty, for dragging my country into endless conflicts against our will, and for that most recent false-flag operation you just pulled off in Mumbai

Thanks to the spineless, America-hating telecommunications companies who have us all by the genitals with their full complicity with NSA wiretapping, for locking us into draconian mobile phone contracts and nickel-and-diming us for an Internet that we as taxpayers paid for a large part of

Thanks to the DoD for bleeding what is left of our great nation for its war profiteering

You will all get what you deserve in due time.

Finally broke 4 digits of reddit karma!

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I love reddit. I got so turned off by Digg, their retarded, fascist policies and the horde of Bury Brigade morons and at the same time ran into reddit. I’ve never looked back. I don’t even check Digg any more, much less login to it. I hope it dies the death by crushing weight of crass commercialism it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the free market, but that also includes me taking the choice of not consuming their product if it’s not going to allow free expression. Curbing abuse and spam is one thing, deliberate censorship due to being a tool is something else entirely.

One thing I really enjoy about reddit is the ease of posting comments and engaging in discussions with all sorts of folks. It’s also rather easy to engage in the equivalent of Usenet cascades, which still have a distinctly reddit feel to them as they become progressively sillier and usually wittier. Meme propagation is rife there as well, which can be fun or annoying, depending.

Hell, they even bought free drinks for everyone who would come and when I bought when of their totally cool American Apparel t-shirts, I got a personally signed letter from one of the founders himself thanking me for my purchase! How cool is that!?

reddit gets it!

I just hope they don’t get too upset with my often brash poison-pen…

En Memoriam: Lee Jun Fan, aka Bruce

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It’s Bruce Lee day! All mixed martial artists should celebrate! Widely regarded, even by Dana White of the UFC, as the father of MMA, this man was not just a superior athlete and warrior, but a pensive and profound philosopher as well. 100 pushups in your memory!

Update: I woke up this morning going “Holy crap, Bruce died because he didn’t get enough fat!” I don’t mean that his body fat percentage was too low, just that he didn’t get enough dietary fat. I don’t have any logic and evidence to back this up, yet. Just sayin’. Oh, the official cause of death was cerebral edema, or brain swelling. I just found out recently that he had had an episode of this before on the set of Game of Death, his last movie. He was probably over-training as well.

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