I’m fascinated by these kinds of things. Basically, the ratio of the lengths of your index and ring finger correlate with more/less testosterone/estrogen and corresponding traits such as more/less aggression, mathematical and spatial versus verbal ability, brain-hemispheric dominance and so on.

I can’t get a consistent measurement, though. It’s clear that my 4D is longer than my 2D, the question is by how much. After 3 measurements, 1 in inches and 2 in centimeters, I’ve gotten a ratio from 0.93 (about what I had the last time I did this a couple years ago) to 0.96.

Measure from the bottom-most crease on each finger to the end of the meaty part. Don’t include your fingernail. Divide the index finger measurement by the ring finger one. Guys should get a number less than 1, and gals should get a number much closer to or equal to 1. Post your results if you don’t mind, since I’m too lazy to go find any yet I’m still curious to see what others on the internettes get. I guess mine is about normal for a guy?

If you don’t have a ruler handy, you can print one out from here

Take multiple measurements, preferably with someone else’s help.