’s laconic wit strikes again:

“See, this is why the U.S. needs to attack Pakistan… *wink* *wink* Get it?
Of course, it’s possible that this is some sort of organic insurgency. (Anything is possible, right?) I doubt it, though, because no critical economic infrastructure was hit. When the attackers start popping Internet and electrical infrastructure, shutting down the operations of transnational corporations, then the CIA and its clients might not be behind it.
I’ve read several accounts of what happened, and it’s just absurd, from a military perspective. If the coordinators of this outrage are not false flag CIA/ISI shills, they’re complete idiots.
As usual, ask yourself, who benefits from this?”

Update: Alex Jones has a mind-blowing interview today (09Dec2008) with former Pakistani ISI head Hamid Gul. Gul spills practically all the beans on CIA involvement in 9/11, Mumbai and other false-flag jobs.