I love reddit. I got so turned off by Digg, their retarded, fascist policies and the horde of Bury Brigade morons and at the same time ran into reddit. I’ve never looked back. I don’t even check Digg any more, much less login to it. I hope it dies the death by crushing weight of crass commercialism it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the free market, but that also includes me taking the choice of not consuming their product if it’s not going to allow free expression. Curbing abuse and spam is one thing, deliberate censorship due to being a tool is something else entirely.

One thing I really enjoy about reddit is the ease of posting comments and engaging in discussions with all sorts of folks. It’s also rather easy to engage in the equivalent of Usenet cascades, which still have a distinctly reddit feel to them as they become progressively sillier and usually wittier. Meme propagation is rife there as well, which can be fun or annoying, depending.

Hell, they even bought free drinks for everyone who would come and when I bought when of their totally cool American Apparel t-shirts, I got a personally signed letter from one of the founders himself thanking me for my purchase! How cool is that!?

reddit gets it!

I just hope they don’t get too upset with my often brash poison-pen…