I started a WordPress blog (Warning: some profanity, so be forewarned, minors and the squeamish-but-otherwise-literate) back in early 2005 November 2004 (wow, has that much time passed?) on a Debian box I had on my home network, mostly to write about my two favorite topics: politics and technology. I slacked off on it due to increasing demands at work and the growing trend of blogging – I’m an inveterate iconoclast that doesn’t enjoy being part of the herd.

Well, it’s back! Might I add, with vengeance.

Anyway, welcome (or condolences, depending) to this. Just in time for a false-flag attack in India! More later…

Update: Wow, I popped over to the Internet Archive to see if by chance they had picked up my old blog since I can’t find my old backups, and sure enough they got most of it. What a trip down memory lane. Also, a couple months after I started this, some unusual things starting happening in my life that, in retrospect, make a LOT more sense now. Suffice it to say that, uh, I can see more clearly now and that I shouldn’t be so paranoid since my intuition seems to be a lot better than I suspected. Also, a big F-U to all of my detractors and ill-intentioned observers.