Hello, and welcome to my nutrition blog.

I’m here to bring you real, undiluted observations about nutrition that can help you to lose weight, feel better and improve your life that are based on my own life experiences and experiments.

I don’t have a nutrition company of any sort, I’m not a paid sponsor by anyone and I’m not trying to sell you anything. I have no motivation to do this other than to disseminate what I’ve learned on my own about nutrition, and in doing so, give back what I’ve learned from others that I am indebted to. What the USDA, FDA and most “nutritionists” will tell you is in large part of a bunch of crap.

I am of the opinion that the secrets to a happy and productive life are quite simple. There’s the old yarn about “health, wealth and family” (some people replace family with an active romantic life, choose whatever applies), which is more or less all you need to remember. Without health, you cannot really enjoy wealth. Without either of those, it is difficult to have a family or an active romantic life, much less pursue your own personal ambitions or whatever it is that makes you happy aside from those things.

This blog will of course deal with the health issue exclusively, and hopefully this will further enable you to attain the others.

In the next few posts, I’ll start by dispelling some common myths perpetuated, whether through incompetence, motivation for profit or some might even say for nefarious intentions. Then, we’ll go over some general guidelines that others have written about that have worked very well for me. Then, we can get started on the nitty-gritty details.

I grew up with my father being very health-conscious, which has definitely rubbed off on me. We ate brown rice and whole-wheat bread, lots of seafood, fruits and vegetables, but frequently indulged in steak dinners and ice cream too. Partly as a result, I find that refined grains, for example, are tasteless and bland compared to whole-grain foods, and I love the taste of a well-assembled salad. In contrast, many people are weaned on white bread and iceberg lettuce and have trouble getting used to healthy food because their taste buds and their psychological attitude towards such foods interferes with their true enjoyment of them.

It’s only natural that I’m very conscious about what I eat as a result. You are, in part, what you eat, after all.

I have been heavily influenced by the “Zone Diet” of Dr. Barry Sears, which is an excellent book that I highly recommend, as well as the Atkins Diet. So, if you are familiar with either or both of those, you will probably understand much of what I am writing about.

I hope this information brings as much productivity and joy into your life as it has mine.