Not much different from what you’ve probably heard.

January/February will be horrible, as increasingly harsh winter weather conditions dig in while unemployment skyrockets and mainly retail businesses that employ them go bankrupt.

There might be a temporary period of illusory gains on Wall Street, but with the only apparent central planning solution being to try to sell bonds, those will evaporate quickly. Low oil prices, one of the only factors keeping the economy from totally imploding, will explode back to 2008 peaks starting in June. This will basically kill what is left of our economy, in what will be a sort of Pyrrhic victory for the current economic warfare going on between USA and Russia/Iran/Saudi/China. By August, any anemic gains the Dow might have made will be decimated and we will probably see the DJIA at 5-6000.

This is when the feared and expected period of hyper/stagflation will kick in – mid/late summer.

So, with no one working, most people don’t have savings and instead debt to pay off (attractive to the average consumer due to inflation), the Federal Printing Reserve “out of ink” and inflating the currency even more in some deluded effort to stave off what they think caused the Great Depression (i.e. “we should have printed more money to ward off the killer deflation that was the hallmark of it” – NO, WE SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET THE FED EXIST TO BEGIN WITH), the lubricant to our exurb-lifestyle semi-truck warehouse interstate highway joke of an infrastructure, oil, being probably over 100$ a barrel again…. Fall and Winter 2009 look to be much, much worse than this year.

We’ll see the prices in the residential housing market bottom out in Nov/Dec 2009, I think.

I’m probably being optimistic, too.

Naturally this is going to anger a lot of the “plebes”, who have nothing to do and nothing to show for their work over the last 5-10 years except maybe some paid down debt and an over-valued house IF they’re lucky. Most people currently are getting credit simply to stay above water, and their individual situations are going to get very bad. It’s quite logical that our federal government is actually deploying military units domestically to “deter civil unrest” because they know damn well that it is going to get ugly and municipal police departments, if not bankrupt and unable to pay officers, won’t be able to handle the “civil unrest” by themselves.

So prescient about this situation have the feds been that the “John Warner Defense Authorization Act” was quietly passed in Oct 2006 to prepare for this. The troops have also had plenty of practice quelling civilian unrest in Iraq, and are sufficiently dehumanized to do it here.

On the bright side, this is probably the only way we’ll ever “wake up” to how our country has been stolen from under us and how our civil and constitutional liberties were robbed long before. It’s certainly harsh to wake up with a tequila hangover AND find out you’re homeless and broke, but those are the breaks for being lulled to sleep by poisonous propaganda put out by treasonous globalists.

So, it’s certainly possible now that a new American Renaissance could begin to be birthed at this time, given the amount of discontent and dissent that is bound to be spreading next year, one more in line with the vision of our Founding Fathers. One that resembles the transpartisan nature of the Campaign for Liberty, for example, involving a disconnect of our globalist-run federal government and a return to the land, independent and small companies across the spectrum that thumb their nose at meddling federal oversight, etc. It’s really the only way this country will survive, quite frankly – stop buying crap from China at Walmart and make your own instead. Grow your own organic food instead of depending on chain supermarkets for genetically modified poison… The list goes on of exciting and rewarding activities that could really invigorate this country and provide us with self-sufficiency, but that’s for another post.

A dramatic and profound change is approaching, and I am going to say that, by 2020-2021, the US will be completely transformed and practically unrecognizable from its bloated, poisoned state now. The right people will be happy about this, despite all the pain and suffering that is bound to happen between now and then.

Secure a water solution, get storable food, stockpile guns and ammunition and train with them, and start doing all the survivalist stuff because, unless you’re rich (and spineless, depending on your situation) enough to get the heck out of Dodge into a safer country for a while, you will probably have to face some ugliness.

Happy New Year 2009!