“We’re all in this together”

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So I finally found some time last month to watch George Lucas’ THX-1138.  Great movie.  It’s creepy how much closer we are to this kind of society in contrast to the year it was made.  It’s like Brazil, Gattaca, the film version of 1984 and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest all at once.  You can definitely see Lucas’ set work on robots and electronics developing, which would later manifest in the droids and other tech of Star Wars. 

While I was watching a scene where the protagonist (played by Robert Duvall) gets stuck in a white room after screwing up on the job due to screwing his hot flatmate (a big no-no!) and quitting the psych meds that keep everyone in calm submission to the fascist police state technocracy, one of the more conscious, rabble-rousing prisoners says, “we’re all in this together!” and I immediately thought of Archibald “Harry” Tuttle played by Robert DeNiro in Brazil:


Tuttle says almost the same thing to the protagonist in Brazil in a somewhat similar dissenting role.  Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps it’s a nudge-wink from Gilliam and Co. at this thought-provoking dystopian movie, one that preceded Brazil.


EFF starts Surveillance Self-Defense site

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together a site that seems geared towards educating people about “digital defense” in this Orwellian era of pervasive electronic surveillance.  Incidentally, the NSA whistleblower Russell Tice came forward last week on Keith Olbermann’s television show  (also part 2) about the scope of communications eavesdropping being done, and confirms what all us “crazies” have been ranting about for almost a decade now – not only do they have it all available, but when analysts (Tice’s former role in the NSA) go to sieve out metadata to match for something they are looking for, such as all 2-minute phone conversations between, say, Florida and Kansas (such domestic wiretapping where both endpoints are domestic is not supposed to be in the domain of the NSA), the dragnet gets ALL of those calls to analyze and store, not just the ones they are targetting for “terrorist” activity. 

Furthermore, he said that there were orders to go specifically after journalist organizations, and I think it was at that point that he decided he didn’t want to be an accomplice and started to speak out.  Naturally he got fired and demonized, but him, the lovely Sibel Edmonds, Ray McGovern and other similar figures got together and formed the National Security Whistleblower’s Coalition as they saw a convergence in this increasing abuse of governmental power.

That’s just what he’s willing to say on national television.  NSA’s already building a huge datacenter in San Antonio, TX, undoubtedly in part to further facilitate such activities.  It’s clear that every American on the Internet, regardless of their level of technical competence, needs to know how to take some basic countermeasures to this kind of activity to thwart this invasion into personal, private communications that are supposed to be protected by the 4th Amendment to our Constitution.  Also, the message needs to be sent out that this totalitarian behavior will not be tolerated and we as a nation will simply bulldoze over it and continue to be free thinkers.

I already link the more radical “How to Exit the Matrix” write-up here on my blog that, despite being informative and thorough, is not for everyone.  This EFF site should be a more mainstream alternative for those who can’t just disappear from “the grid” and assume a gazillion identities on underground black markets.

More on NSA’s “secret rooms” at telephone companies here, just in case you think such things are unsubstantiated rumors.

Worldwide Economic Protests and Riots

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Lots of videos and links here covering civil unrest (some violent) over worsening economic conditions. Emotional and inspiring stuff.

La manifestación contra la masacre israelí en Gaza recorre el centro de Madrid.- La organización cifra en 250.000 los asistentes

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Todo aquí


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Sheesh, BART cops murdering citizens in cold blood, the globalists starting their NWO Quickening… Anyway, the focus of this little post is mostly about how Dermot aka Idleworm is a damn visionary. I’m linking to one of his Worst Wing cartoon episodes, which I vividly remember since there were some frothing neocon tools in my… “extended family” (and I’m being gracious with the family part) that wouldn’t STFU with their obvious propaganda and were essentially carbon-copy cutouts of “Timmy Timkins”:

For the war?  Heres your gun!

For the war? Here's your gun!

I ran into his site shortly before the 2003 Gulf War when a blog I was reading, I think, had linked to his Gulf War 2 flash cartoon game – I told my coworkers about it, some of which were former military, to support all my arm-waving about how much of a bad idea it was going to be. I not only liked it due to its resemblance to the Civilization series of computer games, but also the talented artistry, sarcasm and a future vision whose prescience I agreed with. As he himself points out later to dim-witted would-be hindsight naysayers, even though he didn’t get some basically irrelevant details right, the overall prediction was right on – I think the word “quagmire” was coined later.

Kurt Nimmo posted a very important article today about USAF bloggers. Even though I joke about this because of how absurd it is and the volume of disrespect I have for people who murder others without even giving them a fair fight, I am totally serious about how real these propaganda grunts are:



That’s both the funniest and scariest thing I’ve seen this week – and this week has been temporally long and info-dense.

So, if you run into these guys, remember that they’re just tools and ignore them. Don’t waste your time with their distracting sophistry because at this point, if they’re not awake yet, just give them some links and move on. It’s too late for them.

“Thou shalt not kill”

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I dont think exceptions were implied.

I don't think exceptions were implied.

Thanks Rivero and the Kuwaiti Times.

Gaza kill and maim photos

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Since the IDF Keyboarding Brigade has gotten into full swing on reddit, I’m posting links to these press photos from Gaza on Cryptome here. There are photos from the Israeli side, as well.

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