Sheesh, BART cops murdering citizens in cold blood, the globalists starting their NWO Quickening… Anyway, the focus of this little post is mostly about how Dermot aka Idleworm is a damn visionary. I’m linking to one of his Worst Wing cartoon episodes, which I vividly remember since there were some frothing neocon tools in my… “extended family” (and I’m being gracious with the family part) that wouldn’t STFU with their obvious propaganda and were essentially carbon-copy cutouts of “Timmy Timkins”:

For the war?  Heres your gun!

For the war? Here's your gun!

I ran into his site shortly before the 2003 Gulf War when a blog I was reading, I think, had linked to his Gulf War 2 flash cartoon game – I told my coworkers about it, some of which were former military, to support all my arm-waving about how much of a bad idea it was going to be. I not only liked it due to its resemblance to the Civilization series of computer games, but also the talented artistry, sarcasm and a future vision whose prescience I agreed with. As he himself points out later to dim-witted would-be hindsight naysayers, even though he didn’t get some basically irrelevant details right, the overall prediction was right on – I think the word “quagmire” was coined later.

Kurt Nimmo posted a very important article today about USAF bloggers. Even though I joke about this because of how absurd it is and the volume of disrespect I have for people who murder others without even giving them a fair fight, I am totally serious about how real these propaganda grunts are:



That’s both the funniest and scariest thing I’ve seen this week – and this week has been temporally long and info-dense.

So, if you run into these guys, remember that they’re just tools and ignore them. Don’t waste your time with their distracting sophistry because at this point, if they’re not awake yet, just give them some links and move on. It’s too late for them.