So I finally found some time last month to watch George Lucas’ THX-1138.  Great movie.  It’s creepy how much closer we are to this kind of society in contrast to the year it was made.  It’s like Brazil, Gattaca, the film version of 1984 and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest all at once.  You can definitely see Lucas’ set work on robots and electronics developing, which would later manifest in the droids and other tech of Star Wars. 

While I was watching a scene where the protagonist (played by Robert Duvall) gets stuck in a white room after screwing up on the job due to screwing his hot flatmate (a big no-no!) and quitting the psych meds that keep everyone in calm submission to the fascist police state technocracy, one of the more conscious, rabble-rousing prisoners says, “we’re all in this together!” and I immediately thought of Archibald “Harry” Tuttle played by Robert DeNiro in Brazil:


Tuttle says almost the same thing to the protagonist in Brazil in a somewhat similar dissenting role.  Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps it’s a nudge-wink from Gilliam and Co. at this thought-provoking dystopian movie, one that preceded Brazil.