North Korean war provocations not televised in the US

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Mike Rivero noted that this video of “wargames exercises” in South Korea, the very ones that provoked North Korea to respond with its latest round of violence, is not accessible. Using a proxy through Argentina, I was able to confirm that it is available for viewing at least from Argentina. this proganda is not for you, citizen!

Note: it still doesn’t come up for me here in the US.


Crash JPMorgan buy silver

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I’ve been following this one closely since Max Keiser first announced it on the Alex Jones show 18 Nov 2010.  JPMorgan’s stock definitely went down afterwards but whether that’s correlation or causation is another thing.  It’s good to see people becoming more aware of the power of precious metals in general and this meme should open up a lot of minds regarding it, fiat currency, the Federal Reserve and the banksters.

On Dec 7, former footballer Eric Cantona is calling for a run on banks in France.  What a great way to remind the bankster parasites how dependent they are on their hosts.  I guess in parallel with this someone is trying to push a silver “bomb” in the spirit of the original Ron Paul money bombs and Max Keiser’s call to crash JPMorgan by buying silver specifically on Dec 11.

Googtube user alexiscom1 posted an interesting counter to the Crash JPMorgan meme, saying this will hurt more than help the average “Joe” since JPMorgan will suffer a bit but since they’re just an extension of the government, basically, they will just pay out a bunch of fiat money to cover their shorts on silver.  Meanwhile, investment accounts like mutual funds that are managed by JPM could suffer and, let’s face it, the majority of the population has no clue about precious metals and thinks that compounding interest in a mutual fund is the extent of financial investment and hence, their one bit of savings from their labor will hurt.

In addition, a rising silver price won’t benefit those of us who are still piling up reserves.  I mean, I could ALWAYS have more but I don’t hold enough to want it to skyrocket to 50US$/oz and more just yet.

alexiscom1 is clearly a silver bug and no fool when it comes to monetary concepts (I especially like his viewpoint coming from the former Soviet Union and having been astute about where their currency went), so it’s not like he’s some JPM tool.

Ultimately, either outcome will benefit me, though.  I’m a sucker for populist movements that hurt the globalist types.   I’ll keep buying silver every month like I have been for years until the bubble gets ridiculous.

I love this picture:

International Bankster Tentacle Porn

Meme war: Google blacklists prisonplanet

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Googtube is butthurt about the Alex Jones channel posting the Apache civilian kill video clip that was leaked by Bradley Manning and censoring it: