Time for my late fall blogging spree. Hi, Mark! So, today on the drudge, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign’s awesome new ad shredding trickster Newt Gingrich to pieces is the headline link!

Ron Paul Drudge headline

Yet, when I go to the googtube video linked, it’s unlisted, I can’t “Like” or “Add to Favorite” it, and I get an error when trying to comment about this.

Ron Paul censored on YouTube

It’s unlisted (direct link is needed, can’t search YouTube for it), upload date is yesterday Dec 5, 2011 yet it has only 53 views after being the headline link on the one of the oldest, busiest most well-known news aggregation sites on the Internet. Huh?

Update: about 30 minutes later, after clearing my browser cache and reloading that video page, it’s still all the same. Including the 53 views. I am aware that YouTube often has a delay updating the views count of recently uploaded and/or heavily trafficked videos but combined with the unlisted… This doesn’t smell right.

Update: OK so this looks like part of a site-wide maintenance YouTube is doing – I can’t comment on anything else, either. My suspicion isn’t fully dispelled, however.

Update: It looks like it was the maintenance. It is now listed (i.e. searchable) and people can comment. I’m still not fully convinced. When I feel like this, it means there’s still something fishy. I just can’t put my finger on it right now.

Update 10 Dec 2011 – So there are many comments and site views over 200,000. Still suspicious but happy that the message is getting out!