For whatever reason, the blighted Wurlitzer is deciding to cut Mitt Romney off at the knees: “Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records” Newt’s fall is a foregone conclusion, in my opinion. After Pelosi’s veiled threat and the giant closet of skeletons he has that is bursting at the seams…

Is Ron Paul actually going to be allowed his due? If so, that means to me there is something greater to worry about in terms of grand strategy. I got a little worried about Sibel Edmond’s postings about Bruce Fein being some kind of neocon backdoor into the Paul campaign. I still don’t know what to think about all that. I’m even suspicious of Edmond’s motives now. For certain, it seems disinformation is rife in practically every media source. Fein seems to have brought in some badass advertising help, though. The new tv ads from the last 3 months or so have been top-notch.

Sooner or later I will find out. With regards to the “take/pick a side” meme, well, I did this a long time ago. The only side I am on is that of The Truth. Despite quantum physics, string theory, philosophical sophistry and things of that nature, I continue to believe that there is objective truth that stands firm regardless of subjective perception.

“This will all make perfect sense someday” – John Mayer

The truth is indeed out there. It’s not in a book written by humans, it’s not in your church (well, it could be), it’s not necessarily anywhere but in the true Gnosis. In the deceptions of evil men it is not.

Update 20 Dec 2011 I’m listening to James Corbett being interviewed on Truth Exposed Radio and he just pointed out what I was trying to say in this post about Paul getting so much press now – perhaps “the powers that be” have an agenda to stick his presidency with the inevitable economic collapse.

My gut is saying this week that Paul will get the GOP nomination after a very difficult fight but the Obama administration will stage a false-flag attack of some kind to institute martial law (like it’s not martial law already, but the ugly naked FEMA camp kind isn’t quite here.. yet..) so the 2012 elections can be suspended.

Whatever happens, like Corbett, Medina and Hess say, this should not be a deterrent to the “movement”.