I thought this onion linked from the Hidden Wiki was interesting. The numerous spelling errors plus reference to cryptophone.de tell me this could be of German origin. Payable in bitcoin only. I’m just gonna copypasta the whole thing:

Freedom Bunker

We all know something is going to happen, very soon. Wether it be martial law, zombies, earthquakes, planet X, ect…

Regardless of your beliefes on this topic, we can all agree on one thing. Something WILL happen. Humanity is on the brink of collapse – it cannot continue to function in the way it does today.

So, What can you do?

You need to get ready. Stock up on food, water, medical supplies, weapons, ect. But what if something that requires you to leave your home happens? If martial law were to be implimented, you can count on being forced into the FEMA concentration camps. What will you do then? You could have a gunbattle, you won’t lose, but at least you died fighting for your freedoms, even though it may be in vain. You could dig a hole and hide in it, but do you have enough time to do that? When an earthquake or a bomb goes off, will it collapse on you making your shelter your tomb? Will it flood at first rainfall? How can you be sure?

Freedom Bunker

What is thr freedom bunker?

The freedom bunker is a collaborative project by certain individuals to build a safe shelter in case of an emergency, whether it be 2012, martial law, earthquakes, planet X, whatever.

Facility Details

Our facility is made from reinforced concrete. Even under 100% failure, our structure will not collapse or change its shape.

Our facility is located under 10 feet of solid rock at its highest point.

Our facility contains power generators, so it is completely off the grid, and does not depend on anything. It is completely sel-sustained.

Our facility has oxygen generators that create a pleasant atmosphere in the bunker, and increases oxygen levels in the air that inclrese brain activity, and allow the inhabitants to be more focused and alert.

Our facility uses geo-thermal heating, so each and every room is nice and cozy, even through the winter.

Our facility has no form of wireless signals coming out of it, or any heat signatures – a helicopter flying up above will not see heat signatures- therefore it will not be detected.

The nature of our facility blocks any form of sattelite surveillance completely.

It is our of the range of any cellular network so phone triangulation will not work.

Our facility blocks out any GPS (Global Positioning Systems) so GPS triangulation is not possible.


Upon purchasing of your place in our bunker, you will be given a randevous point. The location of the bunker is NEVER disclosed for security reasons. Since this is TOR, and we do not know who is purchasing it (such as government agents) We cannot diclose the location.

So, how the HELL do I get into the bunker?

We give you a randevous point. If a major disaster were to happen, you are alerted via telephone that you need to get to the point. You are generally alerted within a week.

So if you’re going to contact me by phone, you have my number?

No, we send an encrypted phone to a shipping address of your choise (preferrably a drop off location and/or a PO box). Once the phone is recieved you will get a call on it, where you can ask questions, ect. The phone will be a Cryptophone (from cryptophone.de) So your conversation with us is encrypted via AES cyphers) And another call when we alerts you of when you need to show up at the randevous location.

How will I actually get to the bunker?

You will be picked up at the randevous point along with everyone else who is there.

What if I miss the randevous?

Then there is a second one you can try to make.

What if I miss the second randevous?

Then you will not be picked up. We don’t wait. You will be given one final set of coordinates where you must walk to, from which you will be picked up by our personelle.

What if i miss the final location?

You better have a back up plan, because you’re screwed.

How do I find out more information?

You PM the user “freedom” on this website

How can I pay?

With bitcoins.

What is the price?

The price is adjustable based on your needs. Contact “freedom” on this website.