So, I know this has been beaten to death over and over in the recent months but I had to chime in with something that I found on a site investigating this. Adbusters already took credit for “starting” OWS, but then, who is behind Adbusters? The domain registration dates for some of the various websites associated with OWS were done back in March:

Domain ID:D161751740-LROR
Created On:12-Mar-2011 21:45:22 UTC <—————————-
Last Updated On:16-Aug-2011 11:10:07 UTC
Expiration Date:12-Mar-2016 21:45:22 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:pair Networks, Inc.d/b/a pairNIC (R103-LROR)
Registrant ID:PA67305
Registrant Name:Publius Adams
Registrant Street1:c/o Whois Privacy
Registrant Street2:PO Box 42319
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Pittsburgh
Registrant State/Province:PA

Full record here.

Robtex also shows that CloudFlare had been set up for it, so whoever this Publius Adams character is likely anticipated a large amount of traffic and possible abuse as well since CloudFlare is a service used for both bandwidth and security. says that Adams owns 14 other domains. My NIC fu needs serious brushing up but I do recall the initial article that I read about this from showed the rest. It’s not showing up in the usual search engine results now, though. The bottom line, though, is the question of whether this was planned civil unrest or not, along the lines of the color revolutions. *shrug*

Adam Kokesh has done some great legwork on OWS, capturing sometimes hilarious Socratic reasoning gaffes with the more neo-liberal crowd at the OWS. His youtube channel is probably the best place to see some of this stuff.

Here’s a typical exchange:

And here’s the real enemy –

OWS kids, end the Fed and end the wars. These are the 2 things everyone can agree on and will net the most gain to benefit us “99%”. Also, use a local credit union or bank rather than banking with Goldman Chase Fargo. Buy products that are made in the USA if possible. Buy food from your local farmer and farmer’s markets. Get involved in local, regional and state politics – your little political statement through the federal popular vote accomplishes nothing since the head of the executive branch can’t do much except bring the troops home and influence Congress to rescind the Federal Reserve Act and veto anything that doesn’t cut BS spending. These things will hurt the 1% beast much more than displacing homeless people by setting up tents on their turf. Or at least occupy the JP Morgue and Goldman Sacks-of-stolen-tax-revenue. Don’t forget that the JP Morgue gave the NYPD 1.4 million $ right after OWS started and NYPD mayor Bloomberg is on record to have said that he has his own private army.