I love Anthony Watts’ blog Watts Up With That. I just checked it after hearing some news report by SRN News (good people) that the climate cops are now trying to scare people with a potential methane release from under the Arctic ice cap. Are they counting on people not knowing that the ice cap expands and recedes cyclically and seasonally?

Anyway, as if Climategate wasn’t enough to wake people up to how shady these people are, now there’s a Climategate2! Based on what Watts is saying, the blogger in question who was the first to break the story got RAIDED by police who then took his hard drives to clone them. Apparently he is not a suspect. I have no idea if this is lawful and legal behavior in the UK or not (it certainly isn’t here in the States!), but if a journalist is not a suspect in a case, why is their property being searched? Sounds like an intimidation campaign to me. Fortunately this has gone fairly viral and I hope it provides a view into the globalist police state to a wider audience.

I worry that incriminating evidence could be planted on his drives, which is a classic thug tactic with regards to digital media and the law. For example, to shut this guy up and/or punish him, drop some kiddie porn on his drives. Digital media forensics is still a very young field and there are few who know what the heck they are talking about. The ones who do can be easily compromised to provide the “evidence” desired. The concept of the chain of custody of digital evidence is still being ironed out as this is a very new landscape for the legal profession. You control the process of gathering, handling and interpreting evidence and you control quite a lot. Physical evidence is a fundamental component of trials that can make or break a case. This is partly why I am so disturbed by the TSA’s gathering of potential evidence with their naked body scanners – apparently that evidence is EDITABLE. Yes, the TSA could photoshop your body scan, potentially. There’s nothing that guarantees the integrity of that image as far as I can tell.

Visualize this scenario – I am a prominent, influential anti-oppression blogger. This would easily put me on several “lists”. Let’s say the TSA are doing some Fusion Center style database cross-referencing and find out that I am going to be flying. I go to the ticket counter and submit my non carry-on luggage. This luggage enters a restricted area that I have no control over. The TSA knows the airline I am using and instructs their luggage-handling clerks to plant some evidence into my luggage – let’s say, some plastic explosives. When I get to the body scan area, they take a pre-edited image that is sufficiently incriminating to combine with the plastic explosives in the luggage – say, a ceramic detonator or some such. They pull me aside and say they need to detain me based on something they saw in the scan. They use this as sufficient cause to search my luggage. I get arrested on terrorism charges and get sent to Guantanamo.

If I can think of it, someone else will. History is full of examples of similar abuses of power.

I also want to say to the irrational fanatics who proclaim that “the Science is settled!” that science is never settled. They obviously know nothing about science. The process for something to become a theory much less axiomatic law is lengthy and time-consuming and even laws like the speed of light are currently under question. There is never, ever “Settled Science”. I do understand the survival instinct and the desire to earn a living to feed one’s family. That doesn’t make this compliance with the globalists any less evil.