Toke of the Town dispells the rumor about Sweden legalizing some possession of cannabis as well as a limit on a legal number of plants to own. I forget the details since when I first saw that I was like… pfff yeah right and then saw “420 Dagbladet” as the source and pretty much knew at that point. Suckas!

reddit user “Mr. Danger” still has yet to respond to our 100$US bet about Obama even _decriminalizing_ cannabis. Even worse, his puppet of choice appears to have shredded the Constitution almost as much as his Republicrat predecessors. The guy is about to eliminate due process of law by not vetoing the NDAA bill. So, while it’s fair to say that Obama has almost another year to win Mr. Danger 100$US, it’s more likely in my opinion that the former Constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winner (pffff really? What kind of bizarro world am I living in? The guy just assassinated a US citizen without due process of law or even a damn warrant, he just decreed it to happen…) will institute martial law in Sept/Oct 2012 after the PIIGS/EU/UK/Japan/US economic dominoes fall and it becomes apparent that Ron Paul might actually win and the populace as a whole might wake up!

Nice going, Obamanoids. I’m making lots of immature “I told you so!” gestures in my mind at yall. Fast and Furious ones! TSA groping ones! Expanded overseas military ones! Federal crackdowns on medical marijuana ones! Yes, that’s right, “Raids on growers and dispensaries actually increased under Obama.”

Take me out, coach!

That’s Saul Alinsky, by the way.

Update 06 Sep 2012: *whistle* *crickets* Running out of time…