Soon after mulling over just how well-reasoned Bruce Schneier’s latest assessment of the TSA’s security theater is, I got my daily email as a member about the Friday edition of the Alex Jones show and lo and behold, who is the main guest – Schneier!

I have been a regular visitor of Schneier’s blog for over 8 years now and it is great to see him providing his unbiased, rational point of view to an unexpected audience.  Now that I think about it, though, it takes a political climate like the current one to realize how we’re all basically fighting the same fight.

The goal of terrorism is not to crash planes, or even to kill people; the goal of terrorism is to cause terror. Liquid bombs, PETN, planes as missiles: these are all tactics designed to cause terror by killing innocents. But terrorists can only do so much. They cannot take away our freedoms. They cannot reduce our liberties. They cannot, by themselves, cause that much terror. It’s our reaction to terrorism that determines whether or not their actions are ultimately successful. That we allow governments to do these things to us—to effectively do the terrorists’ job for them—is the greatest harm of all.