Sports metrics are such bullshit. Metrics are, in general, complete bullshit, employed by delusional control freaks who seek to meter and measure everything they don’t have.

Anyway, I’m not a cyclist but the big news around Austin today was Lance Armstrong getting the shaft:

By Bob

August 24, 2012 11:07 AM | Link to this

I am glad to see the volume of comments that are for LA. I know there are those out there that don’t care for him for one reason or another, and those out there that think he probably did something he shouldn’t have to win, but for those of you who are against him, I would say you probably need to watch “scent of a woman” one more time, or perhaps take a gander at that pesky thing called the constitution. He said, she said, does not constiture a revocation of freedoms. I agree with Andy and as for Texadillo, that is the issue here – there has been no “court of law”, and who is “the law” in this case – what gave the USADA the right to strip this or that from anyone. Let me put it this way, if I passed 500 breathalizer tests, during a series of getting in and out of cars, driving them 12 year ago, and in my driving efforts I won 7 NASCAR victories… then, many years later because someone said they saw me in a bar drinking 12 years ago would a government funded agency be free to revoke my drivers license, and some how gather away from me my victories and rights? Sorry folks this big brother needs to go – NOUSADA!!!

For some reason this really resonates with me. I’m not saying that LA is a perfect human but come on, if you clear him to race and he wins, then he wins the race fair and square and any posthumous assessments are essentially capricious and pointless.

Apparently Lance has done that at least 7 times.

Update: They all cheat, just like in all other competitive sports. Lance decided to beat them at their own game and now they are crying about it. The guy is an undisputed champion.