Now that we’ve seen the GOP’s true colors, I think it’s fair to say nobody wants to be part of that fetid swamp of duplicitous idiocy any longer.

Romney won’t be able to beat Obama without us and yes, our numbers are more than sufficient to cause a Perot effect.

As for me, I’m back to my LP roots after a brief sojourn in the completely moonbat world of the neocon GOP.

OK, I still like Ted Cruz, just cuz.  One can tell the GOP are furious about him upsetting CIA toolbag Douchehurst who was of course the shoo-in for the nomination.

Prediction:  Goldman-Sachs will win the White House again in 2012.

Update 31Aug: is it possible for the LPAC and the Johnson campaign to work together somehow? I think there are far more similarities than differences.

At this point I am deeply suspicious of Jesse Benton, Campaign For Liberty, Rand Paul and anything even remotely associated with the GOP. It will take a long time for that trust to be regained again, especially considering the time and money we’ve all spent in the last 5 or so years working at this.