From Benjamin Fulford’s blog:

The regime changes due this autumn in the US, China and Japan will provide a wonderful opportunity to deal a decisive blow to the genocidal Nazi cabal.

The people of the world are tired of thugs and criminals provoking wars and mayhem and spreading lies aimed at causing trouble and discord amongst peoples. The time has come to demand that these thugs cease their anti-social behavior and rejoin civilization. We want world peace followed by a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and create an ideal planet. After this, the research money spent on war and mass murder will be dedicated to health, improved life, increases in bio-diversity and peaceful expansion into the universe.


What we do know is that in states of fear, worry and anxiety, you cannot ever reach your higher capacity as a human being. So, the easiest mind control technique: keep people in a state of fear and worry and agitation and we’re defeated before the first volley is even fired. – Dr. Nick Begich