Hilarious satirical version of Obama’s acceptance speech here.

“Numb nuts and I both support endless wars, perpetual killing, the war on drugs, military industrial complex, Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, TSA, DHS, and the Federal Reserve Counterfeiting System. We are also both going to kiss Goldman Sachs’ ass. They and the rest of the power elite are, after all, the owners.

The only difference, and this is important, Joe Lunchbucket, is I know better than to let things get out of hand over a few crumbs that fall from the table. That’s the difference. I am going to take your shit away from you, too, for sho, but I am going to finesse it out of you using inflation. You don’t even know what means so it won’t hurt a bit.”

I guess continual civil rights violations and overseas military imperialism are OK as long as a Democrat is in office, right?