is that you can never really know what their true motivations are, particularly if they have children. I’m always very wary of such people because of the increased chances that they can be compromised with a certain amount of money and/or power.

If it comes down to whether one or one’s children will eat or not, one may say and do things contrary to one’s convictions.

The most recent revelation of Austin police infiltrating the Occupy movement and knowingly setting up some otherwise harmless kids up for felonies got me thinking about this.

Be careful out there.

“God is right. All others require data and evidence”, to paraphrase the email signature of an oceanographer I once worked for. I forget what the exact wording was.

That having been said, don’t tolerate chilling effects. Take our South Korean friends, for example, who undoubtedly are inspired by what we Americans used to be:

Update: a reddit submission reminded me of a particularly profound infiltration of the Earth First! ELF organization by the FBI that I had read about last year that gave me the heebs + the jeebs. Elle did an interview of the informant and while I don’t at all condone Earth First! ELF or violence or putting anything before humanity, this should give you an idea of the extent to which the Stasi FBI are willing to go to infiltrate organizations they don’t like. This is why leaderless resistance is important.

Update: remembered the character from Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother”, a book which is highly recommended for all ages and walks of life, that said “Don’t trust anyone over 30” (in retrospect I see that’s originally attributable to 60s activist Jerry Rubin) . They have things in their lives that they have built up that can be used as blackmail against them. This is probably what happened to Ron and Rand. It’s a stark and sobering reality of life. That’s why you younglings need to step up because us old farts can only do so much.

I personally have tried to stay free of as many attachments as possible because of this, and also because I have been heavily influenced by the Buddhist concept of detachment (spiritually universal concept, I might add). This is why SOOOOO many people have been trying to “hook me up” and when they fail to get me into compromising personal relationships, resort to slander about being gay (I’m not, but not narrow either), mentally defective or excessively reclusive and introverted. Well, I have several obscene gestures for those people. Besides, I got all my wild oats out in my 20s and I know what I want and I’m also experienced enough to know that unless I’m serious about a girl, I’m not going to lead her on and I don’t get any satisfaction any more out of one night stands and the like. Notwithstanding fears of venereal disease, abusive cuckolding jezebels and such…

To make an obtuse metaphor, in the Total War: Shogun games, there is a unit called the geisha. If you train your geishas up to maximum level, they are completely unstoppable and can assassinate any other unit on the map regardless of whatever, including the highest generals and daimyo of your enemy.

Update: another must read by Doctorow is the short story “Scroogled”. And speaking of Scroogled… while Daniel Brandt’s Google scraper Scroogle has been given the kibosh by the old do-no-evilers, his site is still up with lots of pertinent info.