Sheryl Crow is in the news about her claim that cellphone use caused her brain tumor.

I just wanted to add to this that my friend Kim in Arkansas had to get a giant tumor removed from her inner ear area. It was determined that the mobile car phone she was using, one of the early ones from the late 1980s/early 1990s where you’d have to have an antenna on your car, emitted so much electromagnetic radiation that it was basically like microwaving her ear whenever she’d talk.

A research scientist I worked for had trouble with fertility. Notwithstanding BPA and other sources of xenoestrogens, he would go up frequently in planes with many instruments that received and transmitted all manner of EM radiation for analyzing weather phenomena. I was thinking about that one day, fearful that I would not be able to have children, and my gut was like, duh, his balls were getting constantly fried.

That’s my .0000000000005 % of a toz of Au on the matter. I try to use the speaker on my government slave tracking and monitoring device cell phone when at all possible and I really should get a Bluetooth headset as well.  Fortunately I’m not a gabby type and use it maybe once a day.  The EM radiation from smart meters bothers me a lot more:

What’s also troubling are the illegal trespassers from power companies that put these smart meters on with no consent whatsoever.  Good luck with that in most of Texas.