For some reason I thought I had already put this here. Well, I didn’t. The German film Das Leben der Anderen aka in English The Lives of Others is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen, if simply for its cinematic merit. The subject matter is of course the main focus. It is a brave peek into the world of East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s and exposes their totalitarian surveillance state in ways that my simple American mind is still trying to grasp.

When I watched this in 2010, I was utterly stunned at its artistic genius and political incisiveness. Also, I think Martina Gedeck is totally hot 🙂

Ok so fortunately it has been uploaded to youtube relatively unfettered.

Consider how thoroughly invasive this technocratic police state was and consider the exponential curve of technological progress since then and how this might be exploited by plutocrats granted absolute power.

I like how the Stasi agent who is later dubbed the guten Mensch is depicted not in black-and-white terms but as a human who starts out as a loyal servant of the Stasi and later does the Spike Lee Right Thing.

I pray to God that our military and intelligence personnel follow a similar path against the dark forces of evil corrupting our once great country.

There’s a couple pieces missing but here’s a good youtube upload:

Update 15 Nov 2012: looks like the copyright nazis have cracked down on it. It’s on Netflix, though.