When I transferred my main blog to wordpress.com, I decided to start a separate nutrition blog. I’m kind of slacking with it but I will be adding more to in the coming months since I have rapidly increased my body of knowledge in this arena.

I am heavily influenced by Dr. Barry Sears, M.D. and his research into eicosanoids, low-glycemic carbohydrates and his Zone diet of 40% low-glycemic carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. On a similar vein, the ketogenic diet pioneered by Dr. Atkins is still relevant and complementary to Dr. Sears’ work. Finally, I am currently studying the work of Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and Dr. Joel Wallach, D.V. and their nutritional approach to practically all ailments and illnesses.

Basically, modern Western medicine is great for heroics like reattaching limbs but for various reasons takes a mistaken approach of treating symptoms instead of causes. The high-carb, low-fat, nebulous protein lie peddled out by the medical establishment is one of the worst snake-oil boondoggles ever perpetuated.

Anyway, check it out. Freeing the body is just as important as freeing the mind. Don’t treat your body like a dumpster, treat it like a temple! It is the finest machine you will ever own and operate!