1. Bank on Main Street, not Wall Street

This is the single most devastating blow us Joe Sixpacks can deal to the war machine. The banksters fuel the war machine and without that, the war machine withers and dies. It’s that simple. Bank with ChaseFargovia? Withdraw your funds and close your account. You will know that you are having an effect when they hassle you about it. It personally took me 3 tries to close mine. Not only do they thrive off of your deposits but they also thrive off of their marketing buddies analyzing your purchasing habits. Also, if you have spare fiat currency, buy gold and silver. Banksters hate gold and silver like vampires hate crosses and garlic. Actually, they love gold, they just hate it when anyone else besides them has it.

So where do you bank? A local credit union is by far the best choice because it is non-profit and you can vote for the board of directors and hence have some kind of say in driving policy, but even local and regional banks are better than multinational behemoths that don’t care about you, your family, your community and their well-being.

2. Go local.

This is kind of a subset of #1, but that old “hippie” adage about going local has a lot of merit. Why send your money to line the pockets of Wall Street fat cats making millions annually who exploit oppressive labor conditions in 3rd world dictatorships to give you the best price for garbage goods that fall to pieces in a matter of months? It costs more but think about it, not only can you get better quality products, but you’re providing jobs to people who then can spend their hard-earned wages back into a vibrant local economy where you might run a business yourself. Here in Austin, it’s called “Keep Austin Weird”. Support your local mom-and-pop. At least don’t shop at Walmart and Target! Look at the label – does it say “Made in USA”? No? Well, if you buy that, you’re part of the problem of dwindling jobs in this country. Sure, buying foreign goods makes the world go round and it’s exciting to consume legitimately foreign products like French wine and Italian olive oil but for your day-to-day subsistence, it ought to come from your fellow neighbors.

3. Get off the grid as much you can

Again, this is arguably a subset of 1 and 2 but nonetheless… Grow your own food. Support your local farmers, especially the ones that go through the painstaking effort to give you organic, non-GMO products. Get solar and diesel generators and reduce your electrical footprint. Engage in aquaponics and urban gardening. Check out the Dervaes family of Los Angeles that produced 6000 pounds of food in a year on a fraction of an urban acre and had over 20,000$ of excess produce to sell to local restaurants. Turn off your TV. Get out and get to know your neighbors. Enjoy the natural world.

Trust me (actually, don’t, go do your own research!), these 3 simple things will mortally wound the vampire psychopath bankster warmonger terrorists. It’s that simple. Your life will become exponentially richer and happier, too!