After seeing a couple of videos and photo ops of the anti-Japanese sentiment erupting in China, I read over this reddit submission from an expat in China asking how things are in Japan. I think it gives a decent overview of what’s really going on. It all looks so staged to me, given the timing and suddenness. My wild guess is that the Chinese government is being strongly encouraged to foment this anti-Japanese sentiment to force a confrontation with the US over the Treasury debt it holds and the decreasing consumption of Chinese imports in the US due to the extended economic depression.

Some comic relief:

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There was this angry mob trying to find a Chinese-made car. After a few hours of roaming they just went home.

Update: I wonder if this has anything to do with it…

“Chinese officials have made it clear that they believe the international economy is too heavily dominated by the dollar,” said Charles A. Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “They believe, as part of China’s rise, that the international system should move to a more balanced structure.”

So basically this is just psyops for a trade war. *yawn* I hope nobody gets hurt. But that’s the “price of doing business”, right?

I remember a Zionist Jew in a COG (Continuity Of Government) organization that I worked for briefly back in 2005 (wears a yarmulke and all that) talk about his time in Japan and said something like “we haven’t been able to get inside yet”. I was busy munching my sandwich and thinking about technical stuff but I thought in the back of my mind “yeah, that’s partly why they’re so xenophobic, so they don’t get infiltrated” but I didn’t think much of it. *shrug*

Update: Ry Dawson gives a sober assessment of this absurd debacle: