Everyone’s favorite Zionist private intel firm Stratfor is reporting that an “aspiring jihadist” has been arrested in Chicago with an “inert bomb”.

Daoud had been the subject of a four-month FBI investigation and sting operation, during which undercover agents had been communicating with Daoud and recording his statements. Sting operations have become the tactic of choice for the FBI and other U.S. law enforcement organizations when investigating would-be jihadists. As U.S. law enforcement agencies perfect their sting operations to identify aspiring jihadists and prevent attacks, jihadists, too, can be expected to innovate and evolve alternate means of communication and vetting of those with whom they collaborate.

Uh huh. I bet he was incensed at that serious cinematic production that managed to light the whole Middle East on fire, too, right?

This coming from the same people who couldn’t even do basic information security on their own email servers. By the way, if you haven’t seen the entirety of the Stratfor email hacks, it’s quite revealing. Obviously I can’t post them here since I enjoy not being in prison but check cryptome.