I didn’t make the connection when I first started hearing about this.

But now that I know about Trapwire and DHS Fusion Centers, this makes total sense. I got to smile for my last renewal earlier this year. I didn’t bother smiling for the one before since I was so frazzled from sitting in a waiting room for almost 3 hours.

From Wired via analysis of Wikileaks’ Stratfor hack email dump:

“Fred has said that, once he is #2 dude in the Texas DPS (September oneth) that he is going use the appropriated $1,500,000 to install TrapWires [sic] product on the Texas border,” Kuykendall wrote on August 22, 2009. “George, 8% X $1,500,000 = $120,000 for the good guys. Now, this all could be a wet dream, but stranger things have happened.”

Burton only stayed with the Texas DPS a few months. But he and the company continued to use his connections with the department to promote the surveillance system. On Dec. 18, 2009, Strafor executive Patrick Boykin told Burton that the Texas Department of Public Safety would be signing up as a Trapwire customer. In an e-mail entitled “Trapwire and Perry” — an apparent reference to Texas governor Rick Perry — Boykin reported, “I talked with a good friend of mine, Patrick Rose, Texas rep [state representative] for Dripping Springs and he said that come March its [sic] full on again.”

When the Trapwire contract didn’t immediately follow, Burton began tapping his government contacts. On March 30, 2010, for example, Burton reached out to Blake Sawyer of the Texas DPS to see if Trapwire was “on the schedule” to be purchased by the agency. Burton sent a similar note on April 2, a follow-up on May 22, and a fourth note on July 6.

On July 16, Burton reported to his colleagues that “TrapWire for the Great State of Texas is a go. Cash should begin to flow to Abraxas within 10 days. As many of you old-timers know, we arranged to get a cut. I think the first dump is $250,000 to Abraxas, with an annual renewal of $150,000 per year for the TrapWire license. The point man for the project worked directly for me at DPS.”