I just assume so. Jacque Fresco at Hang the Bankers reports on the language used in the privacy policy consent form for when Australian customers of Origin Energy sign up for detailed reports on their energy usage.

I realize it’s the norm for legalese consent forms to cover all the bases just in case, especially in litigation-happy USA, but since Trapwire exists, I think it’s a given smart meter data will be used concurrently with citizen spying.

Electricity customers, who sign up for an online service that provides the account holder with detailed information about their electricity usage, are unwillingly agreeing to share their private information with third parties.

A 496 word Privacy/Consent policy form explicitly states that customers who wish to sign up for the service that provides them with information about their electricity usage, must agree that the following organisations have access to their private data:

Government authorities
Electricity installers
Mail houses
Data processing analysts
IT service providers
Smart energy technology providers
Debt collection agencies
Credit reporting agencies

You know, just in case. It’s unclear still whether that consent form is presented to customers as they sign up or if they just stuck it up on their (Origin’s) website just to be able to say that the information was available to customers doing their due diligence. Either way, it’s too sneaky.

I talked a bit about smart meters and linked probably the best video presentation I’ve seen about the dangers of smart meters in a recent post. The presenter sticks to the facts, which alone are disturbing in and of themselves.

Update 30 Sep 2012:

I ran across the website of Texans United Against Smart Meters so if you’re in Texas or even just curious about what the heck a smart meter is, check them out.