says Gordon Duff in this thought-provoking article about Gwyneth Todd, a Middle East advisor to the Navy, stopping a planned false-flag operation as a final hurrah for the Bush administration’s PNAC agenda to invade and occupy the entire Middle East.

Military command of this invasion, to be done without consultation of congress or the United Nations was left to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff and Admiral Will J. Fallon, both career opportunists with extremist political views, willing to do anything for promotion and the curry favor from the powerful criminal figures in US government.

Their “cover story” was to sale a frigate up the Shatt al Arab, a disputed waterway between Iraq and Iran, hoping to stimulate a “response” from Iran.

Their real plan was to create the response themselves, as was done by the Navy during the Tonkin Gulf Incident in 1964 when America “invented” an attack by North Vietnam as a prelude to a 10 year war America eventually lost.

Their plans were to create phony radio traffic simulating an Iranian attack in order to push America into authorizing hostilities that they, themselves, had perpetrated in as part of a conspiracy.

Sounds familiar…

There’s a Washington Post article referenced by the Duff one that goes into more detail and you have to stick with it until page 4 to really get the good stuff, which is why I guess Duff wrote this piece up. I love how it’s in the “Lifestyle” section which, from what I remember from reading the WaPo print version, is filled with restaurant reviews, contemporary art exhibitions and the like. Cowards.

Well, if this is all true, thank God for Gwenythe Todd and what she did. No wonder everyone was barking about the imminent invasion of Iran about that time. And have been since 2006, as far as I remember.

Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, let’s all put our differences aside just once and PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS.

Update: found 3 videos of recorded interviews: