You can’t make this up. Even the deer know what’s right.

It’s common to see neighborhoods dotted with campaign signs supporting candidates. For Tom and Beth Priem from Austin, they were concerned to see their Obama 2012 lawn sign repeatedly attacked, the culprit making holes all over the red, white and blue banner.

It didn’t just happen once. The Priem’s claimed the sign was down several different times, with all kinds of little tears on it. By the fourth time the democratic display was deliberately defaced, the Priem’s wanted answers. But it was their little dog Charlie that discovered the cause of the slashed sign.

The barking dog tipped his owners to a deer ramming it’s antlers into the Obama sign. Beth was able to take a few pictures of the republican buck as he bashing his horns into the democratic sign. The destruction finally stopped when Charlie chased the deer off the property.

Now the Priem’s have moved their Obama banner closer to their house to keep the deer at bay. They don’t foresee any more trouble in the neighborhood.

Republican buck. Really? Obama’s almost as Demopublican as Obamney, er Romney… Oh they’re all the same: