Turd Ferguson goes over the Bernank’s speech today in Indianapolis and sheds some light on the bizarre logic being used to justify the Federal Reserve’s moves to destroy the US economy.

What a jackass. Why don’t you come down out of your ivory tower, Ben, and try running that line of shit past the little old lady in line at the bank, sadly renewing her latest CD at 1% and wondering how she’ll make ends meet next month. Do you think she’s going to buy some Master Limited Partnerships of preferred stocks in order to supplement her social security? Hell, no! She and millions of others are trying to scrape by on social security and their savings alone. They cannot, under any circumstances, afford to take risk but you, you self-serving and arrogant jerk, try to assuage them by telling them that your “strong economy” policies will help them find “higher asset values and sustainably good returns”. Disgusting.

Additionally, almost everyone, but particularly those on fixed income, are getting eaten alive by inflation. John Williams at ShadowStats estimates the real CPI to be somewhere near 10%. Never fear, though, The Bernank in his best Colonel Klink impression sees nothing…