He was dropping truth bombs all over the media then dipped off the radar. Well, zerohedge brings him back, and of course he’s straight-shooting, Texas-style.

On Fiscal Cliff: Won’t happen – politicians won’t fix anything.

On the CBO Budget crisis: As a non-partisan third-party ‘accountant’, “I can’t fix it!”

On Inflation: “It takes time – but it’s coming”

On Housing – he doesn’t believe housing will go up but has stabilized. “Everyone who ever thought of buying a house, has bought a house” and we need to flush the inventory – which will take a few years.

On Trading The End of the World: Use Convexity – which is grossly concentrated in Japan

Own anything that is nailed down – productive assets!

As zerohedger Stacker says, “Cant fix stupid”

If you’re not familiar with Kyle Bass, he does things like recommend the University of Texas to buy a billion dollars worth of gold. UT promptly did so. He also bought I think a million $ worth of nickels and stashed them in a Dallas vault knowing that the commodities prices for the metals they are composed of are worth more than the face value. Last I checked coinflation.com I think it was 6.3 cents per nickel. In enough volume, that’s a damn good trade.

He also has a badass ranch with 4-wheelers and automatic weapons, and isn’t afraid of telling Keynesians curtly that they are full of crap.