Wired’s Danger Room is no stranger to controversy and usually has the stones to publish hard-hitting analyses. I have to admit, though, at first glance their new article on the “Insider Threat”, is a bit sensational.

Active duty military live under a different set of rules than civilians do and for good reason. Part of the military’s job is using violent force for national security. This is not to be taken lightly or whimsically, so a different set of rules applies. It’s part of the sacrifice servicemen and women make when enlisting. Most especially in the light of the Fort Hood incident and the recent “insider” killings by Afghanis training alongside our troops, the response for those in charge to be on the vigil for warning signs of trained killers flipping out and offing innocents really isn’t so unusual.

That having been said, none of this would probably be an issue if we weren’t engaging in yet another illegal occupation of yet another country:

Admittedly, the U.S. military command isn’t sure what’s causing the insider attacks, but it’ll be difficult for an American soldier who doesn’t speak Pashto or Dari to identify “strange habits” among people from an unfamiliar culture.

Yeah um… Maybe occupying their country for 11 years has something to do with it.

And why are veteran suicides skyrocketing exponentially in this country? Why did they contribute overwhelmingly for Ron Paul in both 2008 and 2012?

Still, I think Danger Room and Washington’s Blog (normally I more or less agree with the latter’s writing) in particular are going over the top with this. Washington’s Blog makes it sound like it’s all US citizens, not rank-and-file military. I think this is disingenuous, even though we all know those things *are* being considered by DHS and their ilk as factors for domestic terrorism – see the MIAC reports for example. It’s quite reasonable for the DHS and their brownshirt stooges to be afraid of returning veterans because most of them enter with noble reasons and return disillusioned, just like all the previous BS wars. This time they think they’ll hush it up. Not likely.

PS It is really bothering me that veteran suicides are skyrocketing. I don’t care what the cause is so much as that it’s not getting reported on top of the filthstream getting reported on. Every major media outlet should be devoting at least an hour a day to this terrible reality and at least trying to reach out to vets to let them know there’s a better way. With an annual budget of $87.6 billion (of the Veteran’s Administration, at least as reported in 2010), I think it’s the least we owe them.