From a tumblr post I put up while watching an RT video:

interesting subliminal at 19m56s – it’s hard to catch but it says “TICK TICK TICK / That’s the sound of your life running out / Jordan Chase”

It’s important to note that Russia Today is at least partially funded by the Russian government. While much of their reporting is spot on and the US government doesn’t seem to need any help collapsing under its own communist takeover, it’s weird to see RT and the like fomenting it as well as violent revolt.

I am positive there are non-violent solutions to this cancer. There seem to be 2 camps with vested interests in a violent revolt: the “Christian” anti-Islam right in the Pentagon who seem to be hell-bent on bringing about the Apocalypse, and the UN globalist types who are determined to squash remaining resistance to global governance by us uppity gun-owning types who like to do shocking things like respect private property rights.

Unfortunately both of these camps have a lot of power. That’s OK because history has a tendency to show that entrenched power elites meltdown from their own devise.

And now, 12 Oct 2012, Russia is reacting to Turkey’s provocations against US-backed Al-CIAda Syrian potshots across the border at Turkish towns. Pawns in a proxy war. Tune out, turn away, drop off the grid.