I don’t know why this scandal burns me up so much… Reading this naturalnews.com post about how everything’s rigged and how it’s important to transcend this to a greater state of awakening in a sort of Buddhist fashion is great and all, but the part that pisses me off:

Even Lance Armstrong’s cycling victories were all apparently rigged (with doping), we’re now finding out.

Oh wow, let’s paste in a link to a CNN article about this same tired circumstantial evidence rearing its ugly head again after it correctly dipped off the media radar after it puked its way into the national consciousness briefly last month.

Then we’ll spend a paragraph highlighting heroines like Amber Lyon:

The news is utterly and comprehensively rigged, and this was highlighted yet again by former CNN star reporter Amber Lyon who just went public with scathing accusations about how CNN allowed foreign terror regimes to actually BUY positive coverage on CNN’s broadcasts! This story is absolutely astonishing, and the very best interview of Amber Lyon exposing all this was conducted by Alex Jones and is found on YouTube.com. (Must-see video.) See Amber Lyon’s website at: http://www.amberlyonlive.com

Comment I was going to post before I realized I need a Facebook account to do so:

I love how you quote a CNN article with regards to Lance Armstrong’s “apparent” doping and then in the same article, refer to CNN whistleblower Amber Lyon who, like several other CNN and mainstream media journalists, has exposed massive censorship and blatant propaganda on their part. *facepalm* livestrong, bitches

Is it just me? At least find a non-CNN article to link for your libel.