This is good news since it indicates some desperation on the part of the bankster financial terrorists and their armed stooges in the FBI. This is so obviously a setup. How does a 21-year old from Southwest Missouri State University put together a 1000-lb bomb on his own? Oh yeah, with the extensive help of the FBI.

The unfortunate thing about attorney Kurt Haskell whistle-blowing on the Underwear bomber is now they won’t be so obvious about these lone-wolf patsies.

One fortunate thing about most of the US populace being oblivious to the Federal Reserve is they’ll see this in the headlines and skim over it.

Meanwhile, real criminals like John Corzine continue to go free. Message from the US justice system: steal enough money and we’ll let you get away with it. Make sure we get a cut so we can train half-wits with Muslim names to build fake bombs and scare everyone into obedience to you.