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Similar thuggish tactics were (and are) being used by the GOP against Gary Johnson.

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New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like.  And barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney may well win this election.  The economy should decide that.

It  turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions.  This was not greedy state and county chairmen wanting to hang onto power so they could go to the RNC as delegates and get drunk.  The hardball tactics were apparently approved and refined from state to state from Iowa, where the state chairman got money for the GOP and promises and conveniently kept…

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Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, stirs up a hornet’s nest with his talk of firing Obama

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Everyone loves Dilbert. I remember when first starting out in tech support, practically everyone would line their cube walls with their favorite Dilbert strips, myself included.

When I first saw the Politico article stating that Adams was supporting Romney because of Obama’s unnecessary and duplicitous increase in going after medicinal marijuana dispensaries, I was a bit baffled. Politico unfortunately misrepresented what he was saying to some degree. His blog post on this and the updates and rebuttals are a *must read* if you like rational and objective or at least attempts at being so. Plus, his jabs at Gawker, Daily Kos readers, Obama’s hypocrisy and Romney’s chameleon nature are very funny.

I particularly liked this edifying update:

Where’s your evidence that President Obama is enforcing drug laws in California for political reasons alone?

What other reason is there? And remember that your answer has to account for the fact that President Obama has never bothered to explain his unexpected change of policy. Nor has anyone in his administration explained it.

I think it is fair to say President Obama didn’t learn anything new about the dangers of medical marijuana in California that he didn’t know before he got elected. If he did receive new information, he could simply point it out to defend his change of policy.

Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries after considering all factors from freedom to health and safety to economics. Our prior governor, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed a law decriminalizing possession of small quantities of marijuana with a classic summary: “No one cares if you smoke a joint.” (It’s funnier when you imagine it in Arnold’s accent.)

The medical marijuana dispensaries have now operated long enough that we can see their impact. So far, it seems that dispensaries raise tax revenues, reduce crime in their neighborhoods, and help a lot of patients find relief. Dispensaries also keep their customers away from shady dealers who might offer more harmful drugs. The dispensaries probably have no appreciable impact on supply. Illegal marijuana is easy to obtain just about anywhere.

The trend toward full legalization of medical marijuana is accelerating all over the country for the same reasons that swayed Californians. I see no reason the trend will reverse. Does it make sense to send someone to jail for a crime that will likely become a non-crime during the jail term? What kind of leader devotes resources to that?

Have you ever met someone who smoked a lot of marijuana, as President Obama did when living in Hawaii, while simultaneously holding the view that the people who sold it to him should go to jail? I don’t know the exact answer to my own question, but I’m guessing the number is near zero.

Now let me confuse the readers coming over from Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Gawker, Mediaite.com, and some of the other Low Information Voter sites. I’m going to display something called “objectivity.” It involves discussing the odds that I might be wrong. It does not mean I just changed my mind. It means I’m attempting to consider all sides. Here goes. . .

There is some chance – I think a very small one – that President Obama has a non-political reason for cracking down on California’s medical marijuana dispensaries, although I can’t even imagine what reason a liberal ex-stoner with a budget problem might offer. If he chooses to tell the public his reasons, I will happily reassess my opinion. But keep in mind that one of my neighbors down south is about to go to jail for ten years to life because of President Obama’s decision to devote limited Federal resources to prosecuting dispensaries. When a president doesn’t offer reasons for jailing Americans, you have to call that a firing offense. (Saying he is following the law isn’t a reason. Federal resources are limited and citizens expect their leaders to ignore low priorities.)

In summary, if President Obama is devoting limited federal resources to go after marijuana dispensaries for no reasons other than political gain, including, for example, attracting campaign funding, he should be fired. If he has a reason for jailing a small businessman, and he chooses not to share it, that too is a firing offense.

Why do you keep ignoring third-party candidates?

The best way to fire an incumbent president who is running for reelection is to vote for the only candidate with a realistic chance of beating him. If a voter switches from Obama to Romney it causes a two vote difference: one less vote to Obama and one more for Romney. Moving one vote from President Obama to a third party candidate is a one vote difference in the competition between President Obama and Romney.

And frankly it makes a stronger statement to endorse Romney since I disagree with most of his stated policies. It underlines the difference in importance between a true firing offense and policies you believe would be less desirable than the alternatives.

If my endorsement carried any weight whatsoever, I’d consider backing a third-party candidate. But no one will change opinions based on what I blog about. So I have the freedom to write whatever has the most entertainment value for me, with the hope you’ll enjoy the show too.

I don’t see why Adams thinks his endorsement doesn’t carry any weight whatsoever. I think it’s safe to say most of the upper echelons of the tech sector “grew up” with Dilbert and for that matter anyone in an office job involving a cubicle in the last 15 years. I really wish he would back a third party candidate because it’s something this country desperately needs until we get rid of political parties altogether or at least have them less polarized so people don’t get confused about the actual issues that affect their lives. I would of course prefer a Johnson/Gray endorsement since I am a libertarian and Johnson has by far the best chance of any third party candidate out there, if simply because he’s on the ballot in 48 states.

Kudos to Adams for getting (or at least trying to get) people to think outside of their political party’s propaganda and think for themselves. On local, state and federal levels, this year’s elections are going to be very pivotal and I daresay one of the most important times in US history.

FBI sets up patsy against the Fed instead of arresting Corzine

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This is good news since it indicates some desperation on the part of the bankster financial terrorists and their armed stooges in the FBI. This is so obviously a setup. How does a 21-year old from Southwest Missouri State University put together a 1000-lb bomb on his own? Oh yeah, with the extensive help of the FBI.

The unfortunate thing about attorney Kurt Haskell whistle-blowing on the Underwear bomber is now they won’t be so obvious about these lone-wolf patsies.

One fortunate thing about most of the US populace being oblivious to the Federal Reserve is they’ll see this in the headlines and skim over it.

Meanwhile, real criminals like John Corzine continue to go free. Message from the US justice system: steal enough money and we’ll let you get away with it. Make sure we get a cut so we can train half-wits with Muslim names to build fake bombs and scare everyone into obedience to you.

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NY Times article talks about GOP dirty tricks against the Johnson campaign

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GOP operatives trying desperately to thwart the Johnson campaign?

Despite all these efforts, the Libertarian Party managed to out-hustle them and prove to a PA court that their petition signatures to get Johnson on the PA ballot were valid.

The Republican efforts to impede Mr. Johnson’s candidacy have drawn charges of spying and coercion from Libertarians and countercharges from Republicans that the party had resorted to fraud while accepting secret help from Democrats.

Democrats and Obama campaign officials deny any such involvement. But Mr. Johnson has been receiving critical help from Roger Stone, a longtime Republican operative once so committed to his party that he has a tattoo of President Richard M. Nixon on his back.

A onetime Nixon and Reagan aide, he said he left his party this year out of frustration with its positions on social issues, spending and domestic surveillance. (Mr. Johnson supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights and opposes government surveillance.)

And Mr. Stone says he has become so frustrated with the party’s attempts to shut down Mr. Johnson, whom he says he is advising at no charge, that he vowed in an e-mail last month, “Republican blood will run in the streets b4 I am done.”

Lance Armstrong is a winner and a good guy.

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I don’t know why this scandal burns me up so much… Reading this naturalnews.com post about how everything’s rigged and how it’s important to transcend this to a greater state of awakening in a sort of Buddhist fashion is great and all, but the part that pisses me off:

Even Lance Armstrong’s cycling victories were all apparently rigged (with doping), we’re now finding out.

Oh wow, let’s paste in a link to a CNN article about this same tired circumstantial evidence rearing its ugly head again after it correctly dipped off the media radar after it puked its way into the national consciousness briefly last month.

Then we’ll spend a paragraph highlighting heroines like Amber Lyon:

The news is utterly and comprehensively rigged, and this was highlighted yet again by former CNN star reporter Amber Lyon who just went public with scathing accusations about how CNN allowed foreign terror regimes to actually BUY positive coverage on CNN’s broadcasts! This story is absolutely astonishing, and the very best interview of Amber Lyon exposing all this was conducted by Alex Jones and is found on YouTube.com. (Must-see video.) See Amber Lyon’s website at: http://www.amberlyonlive.com

Comment I was going to post before I realized I need a Facebook account to do so:

I love how you quote a CNN article with regards to Lance Armstrong’s “apparent” doping and then in the same article, refer to CNN whistleblower Amber Lyon who, like several other CNN and mainstream media journalists, has exposed massive censorship and blatant propaganda on their part. *facepalm* livestrong, bitches

Is it just me? At least find a non-CNN article to link for your libel.

Competing factions want violent revolt

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From a tumblr post I put up while watching an RT video:

interesting subliminal at 19m56s – it’s hard to catch but it says “TICK TICK TICK / That’s the sound of your life running out / Jordan Chase”

It’s important to note that Russia Today is at least partially funded by the Russian government. While much of their reporting is spot on and the US government doesn’t seem to need any help collapsing under its own communist takeover, it’s weird to see RT and the like fomenting it as well as violent revolt.

I am positive there are non-violent solutions to this cancer. There seem to be 2 camps with vested interests in a violent revolt: the “Christian” anti-Islam right in the Pentagon who seem to be hell-bent on bringing about the Apocalypse, and the UN globalist types who are determined to squash remaining resistance to global governance by us uppity gun-owning types who like to do shocking things like respect private property rights.

Unfortunately both of these camps have a lot of power. That’s OK because history has a tendency to show that entrenched power elites meltdown from their own devise.

And now, 12 Oct 2012, Russia is reacting to Turkey’s provocations against US-backed Al-CIAda Syrian potshots across the border at Turkish towns. Pawns in a proxy war. Tune out, turn away, drop off the grid.

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