Not sure about the elections themselves, particularly since I am biased about the outcome. I think, though, that there will be widespread confusion and delay about the outcome. The official outcome won’t be released until the week of the 19th, which will immediately result in widespread rioting and outrage. This will sustain throughout the Thanksgiving weekend and the end of the month.

I came to this based on private intelligence sources and before Hurricane Sandy. Now that the Northeast US is still uncovering the extent of the damage from Sandy, it’s much clearer why this is all going to unfold. There’s already talk of National Guard presence at New Jersey polling places and many polling places possibly not being open due to ongoing power outages. Combine that with fuel shortages and an oncoming winter, flash-mob looting and the like. Not a pretty picture. It’s possible that martial law will be imposed on the Boston-Philly corridor and perhaps the entire NE US.

Hope and visualize the best but prepare for the worst.