Although slipping under the radar of most mainstream and even alternative media, this Motherboard article by Derek Mead is worth reading and frankly I wouldn’t have known about this assault on corporate personhood had I not read it.

The problem with corporations having the same rights as humans should be obvious, but one of the biggest problems is that political campaign contributions are considered part of 1st amendment rights which enables “Super PACs” which can contribute unlimited amounts of money to campaigns without the restrictions normally imposed on humans.

Another big problem with corporations having the same rights as humans is that corporations can leverage and centralize a lot more power than individuals or even ad hoc groups of individuals can, which leads inevitably to an abuse of that power over humans. One big problem is that people will do evil things in the name of a corporation and get away with it because of less liabilities. Or, to protect ill-gotten assets from criminal behavior, individuals will often move these assets into the name of a corporation, particularly one established outside the jurisdiction of their native country.

I think capitalization and incorporation are great ideas that allow individuals to pool together their resources into an entity greater than themselves to accomplish goals they normally wouldn’t be able to on their own. Nothing wrong with that at all. The problem lies when the rule of law grants them more power than the humans that started them.