Reason TV interviews new media marketing guru and author of “Trust Me, I’m Lying”, Ryan Holiday. This is a great interview that underscores the ugly side of the freedom from the corporate media gatekeepers the Internet, blogosphere, social media and so on offers us – that there’s not much critical oversight of the information being offered. Holiday describes clever disinformation tactics designed to manipulate one demographic to react to another that are admittedly quite funny. The tactics are nothing new but the tendency for large groups of people online in the 21st century is to believe infotainment and run with it as a herd. By the time cooler heads prevail and provide debunking or a reality check, no one is paying attention as they are busy discussing all sides of a disinformation piece.

I think that as long as there are taboos in the world, marketrons will find some way of exploiting them to sensationalize and draw attention to them in ways that profit.

I was trying to refute some climate change propaganda for someone who was alarmed at recent reports of Arctic sea ice extent by pointing out the cyclical nature of the extent and how it’s at a minimum at this time every year. There’s more to it than just that, but climate alarmists love to shove pictures of stranded polar bears (they can swim hundreds of miles at a time) and cherry-pick satellite photos of depleted ice extents to bolster their cargo-cult science. Next thing I know, I am going back over the “Climategate” emails and shaking my head at just how deceptive Mike Mann and the Univ. of East Anglia crew were and likely still are, pushing this AGW snake oil for profit. Not much different from the marketrons in the sense of deliberate disinformation for profit, in this case for research grants.

Follow the money trail and find the truth at the end.