In an interesting and viral turn of events, a twitter user named @RemainSilentz has claimed to disable the website of San Antonio’s Northside Independent School District, who recently expelled a student of one of its high schools named Andrea Hernandez. I covered NISD RFID situation in an earlier, typically meandering I admit, post about my thoughts on RFID after having attended a protest at NISD in late September where I met Andrea and her father and a diverse number of other very lively and erudite activists wanting to outflank this phalanx of the globalists wanting total control of everything and everyone.

Anyway, it just a simple DDOS most likely and the site appears to have been going up and down, responsive as of this writing. I’m pleasantly surprised mostly at the fact that this issue is gaining global traction. It’s nice to see mention of this while doing my daily perusal of tech websites (in this case, a UK one) while I’m in a more vocational state of mind.