2 police killed by crazy knife-wielder (graphic)

See also: sawed-off shotgun, pistol-grip.

There was a police ballistics analysis I read recently where over 20 officers spent over 100 rounds trying to subdue one subject, who had taken I think 15 rounds of 2 different calibers before they finally got him. One bullet had shattered and broken his upper arm while another had shattered his foot after an officer shot under the car.

Carry and know your knife and learn some basic hand-to-hand, fatboy. Once a zombie closes the distance, hopefully you can run or fight effectively.

Protective Concepts

First off let me say there is a definite need for firearms in personal and third party security in certain environments and situations.  I firmly support the right to keep and bear arms and also recognize their utility in many different scenarios. That said some people put too much confidence in their ability to use their weapon to protect themselves against a myriad of threats.

This over-reliance can cause them to downplay or ignore skills like situational awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, less than lethal weapons and unarmed combatives.  There are good legal and ethical reasons for considering and training in skillsets across the use of force continuum.  Obviously using a firearm is not the best response to every situation.  Beyond that there are also good tactical reasons to use other options.

Consider the 21 foot rule.  Originally presented by Dennis Tueller, a sergeant in the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department in…

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