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Also of note, some Swedish scientists are saying that CO2 emissions are the only thing keeping the Earth from descending into another ice age.


Where’d iamrising.wordpress.com go?

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So I was going to check in on any posts from one of my favorite wordpress bloggers, iamrising.wordpress.com and her blog is deleted. Huh? Tried emailing her at the listed email but no luck there, either.

If anyone knows what happened, tell me. Her gravatar is still active, though.

Bummer, she had a lot of really interesting content. I hope nothing bad has happened.

Ben Swann on Hillary’s propaganda proposal

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Ben Swann does a Reality Check on Hillary Clinton’s assertions about government propaganda

Huge data leak at Swiss government intel agency

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A “European security source” has told Reuters about a technician at Switzerland’s Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (NDB) that made off with a large amount of classified data related to information sharing about counter-terrorism. He was arrested last summer after being observed for some time. Apparently data used by the UK and USA are at particular risk.

This could also be a signal of a retaliatory leak. You never know with these spook types, especially with something as nebulous as “counter-terrorism” which is a daily reality in politically polarized countries like Israel but hardly anything to worry about in the US and UK. The anticipated leaks (look for Wikileaks to publish something about Iran giving “WMDs” to Syria and the intent to use them) could have deflecting disinformation in them that reinforce existing propaganda such as the NIST report on 9/11. Note that the Obama administration was depicted in the mainstream media yesterday as talking tough to Syria about WMDs.

Take into account that Assange buys the conventional 9/11 story, which along with the Warren Commission report on JFK’s assassination is fictional and not even entertaining fiction at that. Also, while the State Dept leaks put out by Wikileaks was certainly embarrassing for Hillary Clinton, there was really nothing shocking in the cable disclosures. Mostly the stuff of gossip and soap opera scandal. Arguably much of that was disinfo, too.

Canadian scientists create a functioning virtual brain

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Modeled on the billions of neurons in the human brain and built to be as much of a replica of its bioelectrical nature as possible, Canadian scientists were able to make their virtual brain engage in some basic human cognitive activity such as reading and memorizing lists of things then using them in other activities.

In 10 years, we might see robots on wheels doing courier deliveries in cities.

His team reports that the virtual brain can perform eight tasks that involve recognizing, remembering and writing down numbers.

They say Spaun can shift from task to task, “just like the human brain,” recognizing an object one moment and memorizing a list of numbers the next.

And like humans, Spaun is better at remembering numbers at the beginning and end of the list than the ones in the middle.

Spaun’s cognition and behaviour is very basic, but it can learn patterns it has never seen before and use that knowledge to figure out the best answer to a question. “So it does learn,” says Eliasmith.

But it is not – at least not yet – a match for the real thing.

“Spaun is not as adaptive as a real brain, as the model is unable to learn completely new tasks,” the team reports in Science. “In addition, both attention and eye position of the model is fixed, making Spaun unable to control its own input.”

Observers say the Waterloo brain captures key aspects of perception, cognition and behaviour. It sets a “new benchmark” for large-scale simulation of the brain, Christian Machens, of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, a research institute in Portugal, says in a review of the Waterloo work also published in Science. Machens was not involved in the research.

Anon cracks DEBKAfile

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For quite some time now, various personalities in the alternative media have opined that the Israeli news site DEBKAfile is a thinly-veiled Mossad propaganda mouthpiece or something to that effect. Crackers claiming affiliation to Anonymous have announced that they have cracked DEBKA’s website and a subsequent dox-drop with email addresses and (typically weak) passwords shows that there may be some truth to this. Not surprisingly, there are some duplicates with the Stratfor dump. Kind of a “Who’s Who” of AIPAC supporters and US Zionists.

Skiptracing of the recently released DEBKA subscribers list.

Done by: Flipside, aka Robert Goodwin at http://www.contextflexed.com (I don’t need to be anonymous).

Provenance of data: Cryptome, Spokeo, Pastebin, Scany, Google, Intelius, Whois, DeepWhois, LinkedIn, Facebook, PDFs, Webboar.com, actual homepages, Website/Staff pages.

1) Some names were not found.
2) Items listed “(Spokeo)” only have Spokeo as a source, which is error prone.
3) Items marked “(Guess)” are educated guesses. I made 6 of these, based on general similarity to other profiles and links to Israel.
4) I don’t believe Anonymous is correct in their opinion that every subscriber is an Israel supporter. Some might just want access beyond the DEBKA paywall. I almost subscribed once.
5) This is all public source information designed to educate, and alter politics lawfully.

Why did I do this?: I am an anti-Hasbara writer who does not want to go to war against Iran simply because it is lucrative and appealing to some companies and some ethnic and religious nationalists. I have also had my distaste of being farmed for profit by the anti-terrorism roadshow and by fake investment firms. The DEBKA dump was a boon. I hope any of this information stops war racketeering and reduced human suffering.

Observations: By and large, DEBKA readers tend to be Financial Brokers, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents, wannabe guardians of the realm, exchequers, peddlers of mumbo-jumbo business services, a good deal of hustlers from Boca Raton, Palm Beach, war profiteers, and at least three certified insider trading swindlers. There are also Rabbis, aliyah steerers, some entrepreneurs and academics. One guy professes a love for hive minds, and another is running Infragard and defending America from flammable paper balloons.

hat tip to Cryptome!

Maddox lays it down for the vegtards

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Maddox is kind of a staple for keepin’ the Internet real. I hadn’t visited his site in a couple years and ran across a link to one of his youtube videos and naturally got updated on all the content I’ve missed. Here he is on the subject of eating dat yummy meats: