A “European security source” has told Reuters about a technician at Switzerland’s Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (NDB) that made off with a large amount of classified data related to information sharing about counter-terrorism. He was arrested last summer after being observed for some time. Apparently data used by the UK and USA are at particular risk.

This could also be a signal of a retaliatory leak. You never know with these spook types, especially with something as nebulous as “counter-terrorism” which is a daily reality in politically polarized countries like Israel but hardly anything to worry about in the US and UK. The anticipated leaks (look for Wikileaks to publish something about Iran giving “WMDs” to Syria and the intent to use them) could have deflecting disinformation in them that reinforce existing propaganda such as the NIST report on 9/11. Note that the Obama administration was depicted in the mainstream media yesterday as talking tough to Syria about WMDs.

Take into account that Assange buys the conventional 9/11 story, which along with the Warren Commission report on JFK’s assassination is fictional and not even entertaining fiction at that. Also, while the State Dept leaks put out by Wikileaks was certainly embarrassing for Hillary Clinton, there was really nothing shocking in the cable disclosures. Mostly the stuff of gossip and soap opera scandal. Arguably much of that was disinfo, too.