Whilst engaging in a Saturday morning sleep-in, I had an interesting experience right before waking up to the FedEx deliveryman.  I was in a vivid REM-sleep dream where I had returned to my home and was on the bed reading when I realized someone was approaching.  I looked over my bed, which was on this like mesa pedestal sort of thing so I had to look down, and a car was driving up, vaguely Mustang-y sports car.

If your dreams are anything like mine, they are a bit elusive to describe, particularly more than a few minutes after waking.  It all seems so real in the dream, but out of its context, details are often difficult to describe in awake consciousness terms.

Anyway, right afterwards I heard my doorbell go off.  I’m in the dream going, uh, I think that’s real.  I should wake up… and realized that I was expecting a package delivery with a signature and sprung out of bed to answer the door.

The coincidence of the car driving up in my dream right before my package was delivered in “real life” struck me.  Did I just experience some kind of precognition?

Often I’ve experienced dreams where events in my immediate external world bleed in and influence my dream – for example, when I fall asleep in front of a TV or leave music/radio on.  This is a bit different, though.  It’s not like I could hear the guy pull up in front of the house, the way it is physically laid out.

Oh, and the deliveryman’s vehicle was a non-descript white van.