Anon cracks DEBKAfile

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For quite some time now, various personalities in the alternative media have opined that the Israeli news site DEBKAfile is a thinly-veiled Mossad propaganda mouthpiece or something to that effect. Crackers claiming affiliation to Anonymous have announced that they have cracked DEBKA’s website and a subsequent dox-drop with email addresses and (typically weak) passwords shows that there may be some truth to this. Not surprisingly, there are some duplicates with the Stratfor dump. Kind of a “Who’s Who” of AIPAC supporters and US Zionists.

Skiptracing of the recently released DEBKA subscribers list.

Done by: Flipside, aka Robert Goodwin at (I don’t need to be anonymous).

Provenance of data: Cryptome, Spokeo, Pastebin, Scany, Google, Intelius, Whois, DeepWhois, LinkedIn, Facebook, PDFs,, actual homepages, Website/Staff pages.

1) Some names were not found.
2) Items listed “(Spokeo)” only have Spokeo as a source, which is error prone.
3) Items marked “(Guess)” are educated guesses. I made 6 of these, based on general similarity to other profiles and links to Israel.
4) I don’t believe Anonymous is correct in their opinion that every subscriber is an Israel supporter. Some might just want access beyond the DEBKA paywall. I almost subscribed once.
5) This is all public source information designed to educate, and alter politics lawfully.

Why did I do this?: I am an anti-Hasbara writer who does not want to go to war against Iran simply because it is lucrative and appealing to some companies and some ethnic and religious nationalists. I have also had my distaste of being farmed for profit by the anti-terrorism roadshow and by fake investment firms. The DEBKA dump was a boon. I hope any of this information stops war racketeering and reduced human suffering.

Observations: By and large, DEBKA readers tend to be Financial Brokers, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents, wannabe guardians of the realm, exchequers, peddlers of mumbo-jumbo business services, a good deal of hustlers from Boca Raton, Palm Beach, war profiteers, and at least three certified insider trading swindlers. There are also Rabbis, aliyah steerers, some entrepreneurs and academics. One guy professes a love for hive minds, and another is running Infragard and defending America from flammable paper balloons.

hat tip to Cryptome!


Anon hits RFID-using school district’s website

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In an interesting and viral turn of events, a twitter user named @RemainSilentz has claimed to disable the website of San Antonio’s Northside Independent School District, who recently expelled a student of one of its high schools named Andrea Hernandez. I covered NISD RFID situation in an earlier, typically meandering I admit, post about my thoughts on RFID after having attended a protest at NISD in late September where I met Andrea and her father and a diverse number of other very lively and erudite activists wanting to outflank this phalanx of the globalists wanting total control of everything and everyone.

Anyway, it just a simple DDOS most likely and the site appears to have been going up and down, responsive as of this writing. I’m pleasantly surprised mostly at the fact that this issue is gaining global traction. It’s nice to see mention of this while doing my daily perusal of tech websites (in this case, a UK one) while I’m in a more vocational state of mind.

Italian protests EU, Euro, banksters

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From zerohedge, ABC and the South African Times:

While some may think that having an unelected technocrat is all fun and games, in Rome at least one person begs to differ. The person is Marcello Di Finizo, an Italian restaurateur, who has “staged a spectacular protest by spending the night between Tuesday and Wednesday on top of Saint Peter’s Church in Rome.” He is still there now and his expliot can be seen live on the webcast below.

As of 03 Oct 2012 15:52 UTC, Di Finizo is still up there if the live webcast is to be believed:

UN Bibi bomb goes 4chan-esque viral

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courtesy of anti-neocon/rys2sense:

AIPAC lobbyist Clawson on false flags

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I linked this one in a previous post that I was fortunately not right about and decided it needed a post of its own to remind anyone reading that these people are very determined to make this happen. They require constant vigilance, like a crib of emotionally disturbed and mentally retarded children do.

Greek street war.

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This is bordering on warfare.

Austin deer deliberately defaces Obama 2012 yard sign

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You can’t make this up. Even the deer know what’s right.

It’s common to see neighborhoods dotted with campaign signs supporting candidates. For Tom and Beth Priem from Austin, they were concerned to see their Obama 2012 lawn sign repeatedly attacked, the culprit making holes all over the red, white and blue banner.

It didn’t just happen once. The Priem’s claimed the sign was down several different times, with all kinds of little tears on it. By the fourth time the democratic display was deliberately defaced, the Priem’s wanted answers. But it was their little dog Charlie that discovered the cause of the slashed sign.

The barking dog tipped his owners to a deer ramming it’s antlers into the Obama sign. Beth was able to take a few pictures of the republican buck as he bashing his horns into the democratic sign. The destruction finally stopped when Charlie chased the deer off the property.

Now the Priem’s have moved their Obama banner closer to their house to keep the deer at bay. They don’t foresee any more trouble in the neighborhood.

Republican buck. Really? Obama’s almost as Demopublican as Obamney, er Romney… Oh they’re all the same:

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