Austin deer deliberately defaces Obama 2012 yard sign

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You can’t make this up. Even the deer know what’s right.

It’s common to see neighborhoods dotted with campaign signs supporting candidates. For Tom and Beth Priem from Austin, they were concerned to see their Obama 2012 lawn sign repeatedly attacked, the culprit making holes all over the red, white and blue banner.

It didn’t just happen once. The Priem’s claimed the sign was down several different times, with all kinds of little tears on it. By the fourth time the democratic display was deliberately defaced, the Priem’s wanted answers. But it was their little dog Charlie that discovered the cause of the slashed sign.

The barking dog tipped his owners to a deer ramming it’s antlers into the Obama sign. Beth was able to take a few pictures of the republican buck as he bashing his horns into the democratic sign. The destruction finally stopped when Charlie chased the deer off the property.

Now the Priem’s have moved their Obama banner closer to their house to keep the deer at bay. They don’t foresee any more trouble in the neighborhood.

Republican buck. Really? Obama’s almost as Demopublican as Obamney, er Romney… Oh they’re all the same:


Reports on the street from redditors in Japan and China

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After seeing a couple of videos and photo ops of the anti-Japanese sentiment erupting in China, I read over this reddit submission from an expat in China asking how things are in Japan. I think it gives a decent overview of what’s really going on. It all looks so staged to me, given the timing and suddenness. My wild guess is that the Chinese government is being strongly encouraged to foment this anti-Japanese sentiment to force a confrontation with the US over the Treasury debt it holds and the decreasing consumption of Chinese imports in the US due to the extended economic depression.

Some comic relief:

[–]Quasic[神奈川県] 55 points 1 day ago

There was this angry mob trying to find a Chinese-made car. After a few hours of roaming they just went home.

Update: I wonder if this has anything to do with it…

“Chinese officials have made it clear that they believe the international economy is too heavily dominated by the dollar,” said Charles A. Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “They believe, as part of China’s rise, that the international system should move to a more balanced structure.”

So basically this is just psyops for a trade war. *yawn* I hope nobody gets hurt. But that’s the “price of doing business”, right?

I remember a Zionist Jew in a COG (Continuity Of Government) organization that I worked for briefly back in 2005 (wears a yarmulke and all that) talk about his time in Japan and said something like “we haven’t been able to get inside yet”. I was busy munching my sandwich and thinking about technical stuff but I thought in the back of my mind “yeah, that’s partly why they’re so xenophobic, so they don’t get infiltrated” but I didn’t think much of it. *shrug*

Update: Ry Dawson gives a sober assessment of this absurd debacle:

A+ troll – Swedish Cannabis legalization just a rumor

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Toke of the Town dispells the rumor about Sweden legalizing some possession of cannabis as well as a limit on a legal number of plants to own. I forget the details since when I first saw that I was like… pfff yeah right and then saw “420 Dagbladet” as the source and pretty much knew at that point. Suckas!

reddit user “Mr. Danger” still has yet to respond to our 100$US bet about Obama even _decriminalizing_ cannabis. Even worse, his puppet of choice appears to have shredded the Constitution almost as much as his Republicrat predecessors. The guy is about to eliminate due process of law by not vetoing the NDAA bill. So, while it’s fair to say that Obama has almost another year to win Mr. Danger 100$US, it’s more likely in my opinion that the former Constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winner (pffff really? What kind of bizarro world am I living in? The guy just assassinated a US citizen without due process of law or even a damn warrant, he just decreed it to happen…) will institute martial law in Sept/Oct 2012 after the PIIGS/EU/UK/Japan/US economic dominoes fall and it becomes apparent that Ron Paul might actually win and the populace as a whole might wake up!

Nice going, Obamanoids. I’m making lots of immature “I told you so!” gestures in my mind at yall. Fast and Furious ones! TSA groping ones! Expanded overseas military ones! Federal crackdowns on medical marijuana ones! Yes, that’s right, “Raids on growers and dispensaries actually increased under Obama.”

Take me out, coach!

That’s Saul Alinsky, by the way.

Update 06 Sep 2012: *whistle* *crickets* Running out of time…

Free the Cornish Pasties!

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Last night’s broadcast of Max Keiser radio was hilarious and a welcome change of pace after taking a break from reading Peter Schiff’s “Crash Proof – How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse” – which is a great book.  Anyway, apparently the UK government feels that it hasn’t invaded every facet of their citizens’ lives sufficiently enough yet and are going to legislate the ingredients of… Cornish Pasties.

Here’s the goofy “Pasties activism” video itself. lolville.

At least there is some comfort in realizing that, as bad of a police and surveillance state as the US has become, at least I don’t live in that wretched hellhole where you can’t even defend yourself against chav drunks with a knife much less a gun.

Finally broke 4 digits of reddit karma!

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I love reddit. I got so turned off by Digg, their retarded, fascist policies and the horde of Bury Brigade morons and at the same time ran into reddit. I’ve never looked back. I don’t even check Digg any more, much less login to it. I hope it dies the death by crushing weight of crass commercialism it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the free market, but that also includes me taking the choice of not consuming their product if it’s not going to allow free expression. Curbing abuse and spam is one thing, deliberate censorship due to being a tool is something else entirely.

One thing I really enjoy about reddit is the ease of posting comments and engaging in discussions with all sorts of folks. It’s also rather easy to engage in the equivalent of Usenet cascades, which still have a distinctly reddit feel to them as they become progressively sillier and usually wittier. Meme propagation is rife there as well, which can be fun or annoying, depending.

Hell, they even bought free drinks for everyone who would come and when I bought when of their totally cool American Apparel t-shirts, I got a personally signed letter from one of the founders himself thanking me for my purchase! How cool is that!?

reddit gets it!

I just hope they don’t get too upset with my often brash poison-pen…